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How Much Would You Save Compared To Your Regular Period Products?

Chloe & Moona Period Underwear last up to 3-5 years. That's a lot of saving when you compare to your "regular period products". Now in:

Tampons: $7.5/mo. That's $270/3yr or $450/5yr
Pads: $8.50/mo. That's $306/3yr or $510/5yr ​
4 Regular Panties Ruined per year. That's $120/3yr or $200/5yr

That's a total of $1,160 over 5 years or $689 over 3 Years.

The best for the end: ​Disconfort & Stress. PRICELESS!!!

Let's talk about pollution!

In a lifetime a single person who menstruates will use somewhere between 5,000 and 15,000 pads & tampons and is expected to trow away roughly 400 pounds of period product. How Much Would You Save Compared To Your Regular Period ProductsHow Much Would You Save Compared To Your Regular Period Products

One sanitary pad take 500 to 800 years to decompse, 500-1,000 years for one tampon. Sanitary protections are 90% plastic!!! To give you an idea of how dire the situation is with decomposing period products, the first sanitary pad has still not fully decompose

Yes, you should care because we don't have choice anymore. Caring for our environment is a must.

Did you hear about toxic shock syndrome?

It'a a bacterial infection. It affects menstruating women, essentially those who use tampons.The body respond with a drop in blood pressure that deprives organs of oxygen and can lead to death.

Some symptoms of toxic shock syndrome:
- a higher fever
- muscle aches
- confusion
- vomiting

If you have your period, you use a tampon and have a high fever with vomiting, remove your tampon IMMIDIATLY and call your doctor. Remember: a tampon or other protections in your vagina saturated with blood is a favorable place for rapid growth of bacteria.

Introducing Chloe & Moona: Women First

At Chloe & Moona, we empower women with the products and reassurance they need to feel comfortable, confident, and in control of their cycle. That’s our guiding philosophy – we wouldn’t have it any other way.
And our comfortable ultra-absorbent Period Underwear do exactly that!


You Save: $5.10 (15%)

Our period underwear is designed to work with your period while keeping you clean and dry... even with heavy or unpredictable flows. That's why our underwear are designed with a full back to front protection, where others have a 50% protection coverage only.

Our underwear is just like regular underwear but this time you don't have to ask your friends to check you every five minutes, like you do with pads or tampons.
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