About Us

Who Is Chloe and Moona? 
The name came because the founders' daughter, Chloe, helped them with this project. And the Moon as a cycle of 29 days, which is almost the same as our periods!

Now what do we know?
We know how it is to use tampons and pads. You always have to have some spare in your bag, change them on a regular basis (even in the middle of a meeting), or during the 4 minutes break between two classes. We also know that they don't recycle well. And we don't know (or we start knowing) what's really in these products...

Is there a better option?
Yes, that's what we want to offer.  An underwear that is thin enough to feel like an underwear (and not a diaper) but still with some layers in it that will absorb our fluids during the day (or the night!). An underwear that we don't put in the garbage once it's used, but that we can wash, dry and reuse for months.

Where are you based:
We're located in the sunny State of Florida. Our company is registered in the same state, under the name of Ecom Shaker LLC (EIN 83-2718937)

How to contact you?
You can contact us by email: client@chloeandmoona.com
You can also leave a voice mail : 941.218.0320